Starring Lucas Hedges, Nicole Kidman, Russell Crowe, Joel Edgerton, Troye Sivan, Cherry Jones, David Joseph Craig, Joe Alwyn, Théodore Pellerin, Britton Sear, Flea
Directed by Joel Edgerton
2018 / 114 Minutes / Focus Features / Universal Pictures

Review by Brent

Boy Erased is a powerful and touching film based on Garrard Conley’s memoir of the same name. It’s the true story about the son of a Baptist preacher who is forced by his parents into a gay conversion program.

Joel Edgerton has taken this memoir and made a fantastic and unforgettable film. He handles the subject matter perfectly and audiences should leave this having learned and felt something as well as great concern for the health and well being of LGBTQ people who have been subjected to this nonsense. It’s disgusting and ridiculous what these programs are doing to people. Not only has Edgerton directed a great film, but his performance as the head of the gay conversion program is terrific.

The performances by all the leads are fantastic. Lucas Hedges, who is having a terrific year with this and the upcoming equally brilliant film Ben Is Back, is ending the year on a high note with two outstanding performances in both films. Kidman also gives one of the best performances of her career. She 100% deserves to be mentioned in the Best Supporting Actress category at this year’s Oscars. Her role playing the mother of Hedges character is so subtle and so interesting, she really is one of the best parts of this. Russel Crowe is also back in top form as Hedges preacher father. Crowe and Kidman are perfectly cast and give such subdued performances. They’re not terrible parents and they’re not portrayed that way, they’re just parents that don’t understand and only see one future for their son, but it’s not the same one he wants. The rest of the cast is also brilliant with some surprisingly great performances by the lesser known cast members.

It’s shocking and upsetting watching this knowing that these horrible programs are still around brainwashing innocent LGBTQ people into thinking there is something wrong with them. The words you’ll hear when young Jared is in the program should anger you and give you the urge to do something about this. You just sit there in awe at how awful humans can be to other humans.

Boy Erased is a touching and unforgettable film and one that many should see and learn from. One of the best of the year!

Grade A-

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