Starring Dwayne Johnson, Neve Campbell,Pablo Schreiber, Noah Taylor, McKenna Roberts, Kevin Rankin, Roland Møller, Byron Mann, Matt O’Leary, Hannah Quinlivan
Directed by Rawson Marshall Thurber
2018 / 102 Minutes / Universal Pictures

Review by Brent

If what you’re looking for is ultra stupid, mindless action… then this is your movie!

I am all for these ridiculous fun action movies (Hey, I was a big fan of San Andreas), but this pushed the boundaries of enjoyment for me. Skyscraper isn’t a terrible or unwatchable movie, it’s just a movie that suffers from extremely bad writing that’ll have you laughing frequently. Also, there’s really nothing new or fresh here we haven’t seen a hundred times before in every other movie of this genre.

Dwayne Johnson stars at a father who will stop at nothing to save his family from a burning skyscraper. Not just any skyscraper, but one with 240 floors. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with the premise of this movie. The problem again is the bad writing and dialogue. Every action film cliche is peppered throughout this that I often wondered if I was watching a spoof action movie making fun of classics like Die Hard. Are these laughs intentional? I can’t take anything I’m seeing here serious. I know when to turn my brain off during movies like this, but there are some preposterous moments that I found myself arguing with the screen.

I will give Skyscraper some credit in the fun category, There are some tense fun moments that will have you on the edge of your seat. For anyone with a fear of heights this definitely succeeds in making you feel like you’re right up there too. Another bonus… I have to say it was nice seeing Neve Campbell back on the big screen in something that’s not a Scream movie. She kicked ass in this!

Johnson is perfect in these movies. He’s a bonafide action star who’s likeable and charming that everyone can root for. However I just wish some of these big action movies were stronger and better. They do exist. Speed, Die Hard, True Lies there are so many out there that managed to blast through everything while still engaging the audience with a unique and interesting story. Instead lately we’re just witnessing movies trying to out do the previous one to extreme measures. I care less about you’re over the top visual effect explosions than how that explosion came to be there. I’d like to see new villians that aren’t the typical cliche bad guys we’ve seen a hundred times and can spot miles away. It’s time to refresh this stale genre and do something new and different. With that said sometimes mindless crap is exactly what you want so then this will fill that gap, but I would sooner just watch San Andreas again.

Grade C-

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