THE MUMMY (2017)


Starring Tom Cruise, Russell Crowe, Annabelle Wallis, Sofia Boutella, Jake Johnson, Courtney B. Vance, Marwan Kenzari
Directed by Alex Kurtzman
2017 / 110 Minutes / Universal Pictures

I get why they would want to reboot The Mummy series. The original film was fun, entertaining and very successful so of course keep it going. However the sequels were not strong at all and that left me with little hope that giving this series a reboot would be any different than those. Also, I really questioned why Tom Cruise was the one to take over the lead.

What starts off as energetic and action packed fun turns into an absolute dull mess in the last half and it’s the disaster of a script that is the real culprit here. Eye rolling dialogue, annoying characters and a plot that’s so thin it makes the original look like a cinematic masterpiece. They completely blew their chance of improving on the original film and instead went completely backwards.

A couple positives from the movie… I found some of the action scenes entertaining, but the awful story just got in the way of trying to entertain. I enjoyed Sofia Boutella as the villain, even though some of her dialogue was laughable, she was definitely the one glimmer in this obnoxious cast. Sorry, but Jake Johnson is annoying in everything and especially in this stupid sidekick role. 

Now for Tom Cruise. Does he have to be in every franchise? I would love to see him go back and do some dramatic films which don’t require him to jump on the side of an airplane. Remember when he used to be great… Born on the Fourth of JulyJerry MaguireRain Man. He needs to stop proving to everyone he can do action films until he’s 80. We get it! Stick to the Mission Impossible series, and every now and then give us a little drama and show us that you really were a terrific actor because now all I’m seeing is you only know how to impress people by doing your own stunts.

This Mummy reboot is a dud. With so many other impressive action films out there lately, this isn’t the one you want to waste your time with. You’re better off sitting at home and watching Brendan Fraser take this on originally… or even watching any Brendan Fraser movie would be better.

Grade D

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