Starring Kevin Hart, Halle Berry, Don Cheadle, David Meunier, Ed Helms
Directed by Leslie Small, Tim Story
2016 / 96 Minutes / Universal Pictures

First Review by Brent

This is strictly for Kevin Hart fans. I’m not really a big fan and I don’t find him that funny so this glorified big budget stand-up comedy film is wasted on me. It’s hard to really review this film because stand-up comedy is so subjective. I can’t recommend this, but I can’t not recommend it.

I did appreciate what he was trying to do by turning his record breaking stand-up performance in Philadelphia into a fun big action style film. The beginning of the movie starts like a big budget James Bond action movie full of cameos which then leads into his stand-up performance. Clever, I appreciate that. However there wasn’t really anything enjoyable about the movie part of this. It wasn’t funny at all and was borderline cheesy. I just wanted to get to the stand-up performance part of the movie. I didn’t care about any of this.

I get there is a huge audience that loves his comedy and that’s awesome. I looked around the theatre and there were people laughing their asses off, but for me I barely cracked a smile. It wasn’t until the last 15 minutes where I was starting to find myself chuckling. His Starbucks routine is great!

Another thing that doesn’t really work for me is watching stand-up comedy on the big screen. I guess I would rather just go to a live show or watch it on TV. On the big screen it’s bigger than life and I don’t think that the energy flows to the movie theatre seats. Maybe I would have laughed more if I was sitting in that audience, but in these seats I just wasn’t feeling it.

If you love Kevin Hart then this movie is for you. There’s really no reason to see this unless you’re a die hard fan.

Grade C-


Second Review by Elise


I really don’t like Kevin Hart. There. I said it. I don’t find him funny AT ALL. To me, making a reference 3 or 4 times does not a joke make. This is his brand of humour and it doesn’t do it for me. This was HART to sit through. I have a HART time recommending this. See? Those are jokes. DAMN good ones. Having said that, I understand that comedy is completely subjective and I can’t give this movie a low score just because I didn’t laugh very much.

This movie is original in that it’s a stand-up comedy special framed by an action movie where Kevin Hart plays a James Bond type character. Halle Berry shows up and MY GOD did I wish she hadn’t. These sections of the movie are so poorly directed it’s embarrassing. The action scenes are shot too close up and awkwardly cut. There is a close up where Halle Berry is supposed to be portraying some kind of emotion but I don’t know what. It’s a shame because this was the most interesting part of the film.

Overall, I didn’t find the movie funny or entertaining until roughly the last 30 minutes when the poop jokes started. What can I say? My sense of humour is very high brow. He also does a bit about making a bet with his friends that I found really funny. Unfortunately that was it.

Grade C+

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