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Starring Stephen Lang, Jane Levy, Dylan Minnette, Daniel Zovatto
Directed by Fede Alvarez
2016 / 88 Minutes / Sony PicturesScreen Gems

First Review by Brent


This definitely was better than what I was expecting. I wasn’t excited for this one at all, even though I think the premise is quite interesting. It is nice to finally see some originality in the thriller/horror genre. I’m tired of the sequels and remakes so it’s a breath of fresh air to get something new. Although, there was something about the ads that weren’t blowing me away, but I gave it a shot and I have to say I was thoroughly entertained… mostly.

Where Don’t Breathe really succeeds is having the audience on edge for 90 minutes, especially the last half. It’s a really well made low budget movie that’s surprisingly intense. That damn dog gets best performance, it had me cringing and on the edge of my seat every time it was on screen!

My problem with the movie is the eye rolling moments that do pop up a few times. There are a couple laughable moments that took me out of the film. The trailer really did a disservice as it gives away too much. I was disappointed watching the movie having seen the trailer and knowing some of the moments that are given away. My mind would have been blown had I not seen the trailer. If you haven’t seen it don’t click on the link below, instead go and enjoy the movie and be surprised.

Another issue I had was I found it really difficult to know who to cheer for. They are all terrible people, I felt conflicted and wondered why I even care about any of what I’m seeing on screen. Halfway through the movie it becomes obvious that the screenwriters knew that this would be an issue for the audience of why we are rooting for a group of thieves breaking into a blind man’s house. It feels a little contrived at that moment. A moment you’re not going to forget, trust me. Cue eye roll.

At the end, even though I feel a little conflicted with how I really felt about this, I do think that Don’t Breathe is worth a view. It’s good thrilling entertainment that certainly takes you on a ride. It’s great filmmaking that’s enjoyable with a few flaws that are easily overlooked.

Grade B-

Second Review by Elise


When I first saw the trailer for Don’t Breathe, I thought to myself, “Oh great, a movie that is trying to make us afraid of blind people… yikes”. If I hadn’t heard of all the positive reviews, I probably wouldn’t have gone to see this film, but I’m glad I did. If I could advise one thing to anyone who wants to see this, don’t watch the trailer! This is more of a thriller than a straight-up horror film and the trailer sort of portrays it in the wrong light, as well as giving away some pretty major spoilery stuff.

That being said, what a well made thriller this is. I was on the edge of my seat nearly the whole time! It was mostly good old-fashioned tension that makes you squirm around and laugh, with not too many jump scares beating you over the head. I never thought I would be afraid of a turkey baster.
Another plus was the character development. They actually gave the main characters some back story and motivations, making it hard at times for me to choose who I was supposed to be rooting for, all the way up to the end of the movie. Great camera work, great sound design and great performances from the actors.

Grade B+

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