Voices by Seth Rogen, Kristen Wiig, Michael Cera, James Franco, Edward Norton, Bill Hader, Salma Hayek, Jonah Hill, Nick Kroll, Danny McBride, Craig Robinson, Paul Rudd
Directed by Greg Tiernan, Conrad Vernon
2016 / 89 Minutes / Columbia Pictures

What in the hell did I just watch!!!

Sausage Party is hilarious and one of the most messed up animated films I have ever seen! I don’t think you’ve ever seen anything quite like this. All props for being one of the most clever and smart comedies in recent years. It’s really quite well written. There’s so many fun gags, inside jokes (keep your eyes open, they’re everywhere) and just laugh out loud shocking moments.

Seth Rogen and all his friends show up to lend their voices to some pretty memorable characters. Some of the standouts… Edward Norton, doing an amazing Woody Allen type impression, I had no idea that was him until the end. Nick Kroll as Douche was also a scene stealer. Rogen’s voice is so recognizable that it’s hard not to picture him just saying all these lines into a mic, but here it really works and I think that’s to the benefit of a great script.

There is quite a memorable and hilarious scene near the end that you are probably never going to be able to shake from your memory. They rely quite heavily on shock value (they didn’t just offend some, they offend everyone here) and it worked for them because of the the genius story. However, just before this interesting scene, the film was starting losing some steam for me and the jokes were becoming typical and expected and overall getting a little tired. Then bam!

The movie feels a lot like Rogan’s This Is The End (which I also really enjoyed), there are some similarities between them so if you enjoyed that one you are going to have some fun with this one. And I’m sure I don’t have to write this, but this is not for your kids at all! Too bad cause this is more clever and original than anything in The Secret Life of Pets.

Grade B

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