Starring Jonathan Groff, Frankie J. Alvarez, Murray Bartlett, Lauren Weedman, Russell Tovey, Raúl Castillo, Daniel Franzese
Directed by Andrew Haigh
2016 / 90 Minutes / HBO

Looking was a show that had a lot of potential – if only it hadn’t been cancelled after two exceptional seasons. HBO clearly knew they would piss off the fans so thankfully they decided to wrap everything up in an hour and a half TV movie. I’m glad that we got this finish to the series, but was it great. Sadly no.

I really enjoyed the series even though I thought it had some issues. Issues that did follow it right up to the end of this movie. There were no surprises for this finale, everything that happened I could have guessed would without even seeing this. They had this amazing opportunity to come back and make a movie to finish the series for the fans and I think they kind of failed with it. My biggest issue with the whole series is the whiny lead character Patrick (Jonathan Groff). Yes he had his moments throughout, but it was the rest of the cast that I really found interesting and that made the show great. It was his storylines I found obnoxious. With this film… it’s all focus on Patrick and figuring his shit out. For a half hour episode that’s fine I can do that, but for an hour and a half of mainly him closing chapters in his life… not going to lie I found it irritating as hell and boring at times! Which leads me to the best part of this movie (SPOILERish MOMENT)… Kevin played by Russell Tovey calling Patrick out on all his shit and running away from all the problems in his life… YES!. This was the most drama in the movie, correction this was the ONLY drama in the movie. This was the first time though that I actually did feel for Patrick… they nailed this scene and the performances were great. It’s the rest of the movie that I was bored. The supporting cast just became a side note, the storylines that they had going on were wrapped up with a couple lines and all was great in their world again. I was disappointed that we didn’t get more of them like in the series. They’re just as important and deserved better wrap ups.

HBO had a great series that I thought it was one of the most accurate portrayals of gays today. I related to so many of the stories and the characters were real and believable. I may have been disappointed in this movie, but in the end it was still a great show that I’m sad to see go. If you have not seen the series binge watch it now!

Grade C

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