Starring Bailey Spry, Loren Bass, Keir Gilchrist, Maika Monroe, Lili Sepe
Directed by David Robert Mitchell
2015 / 100 Minutes / Mongrel Media

For me, the scariest part of the original 1978 Halloween is when Jamie Lee Curtis is walking across the street to the neighbour’s house and you can see Michael Meyers in the background stalking her. He’s just strolling along behind her but she doesn’t see him! I always end up squirming around and yelling at my TV, “Look behind you Jamie, loooooook!” It Follows basically crafts an entire film around this premise and surprisingly it works very well. To leave it at that would be a disservice however because the plot deals with some pretty heavy themes like sexual history and abuse. This movie falls just short of brilliant for me. The way it’s shot, the soundtrack, the acting & the direction make it near perfect but for a bit of slow pacing in the 3rd act. This an absolute must-see for any horror fan.

Grade A-

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