2 Reviews/One Movie

Starring Patrick Wilson, Vera Farmiga, Madison Wolfe, Frances O’Connor, Lauren Esposito
Directed by James Wan
2016 / 134 Minutes / Warner Bros.

First Review by Elise


Britons are steadfast and stubborn creatures, hence the slogan “keep calm and carry on” and hence why the Hodgson family kept living in their home even though they had a damn poltergeist. Halfway through I was fully expecting the mother to be like “Alright Ghosty that’s enough, now fack off. Go on! Pop off to the afterlife you slag!” But alas, this movie didn’t have British writers.

I quite liked the first Conjuring and I heard this sequel was good so I was actually a bit scared going into the theatre. I think James Wan has great visual style and camera choices within the horror genre and I think he’s best in unsettling moments of silence when you’re just waiting for something to happen. But then a ghoul pops out with Halloween teeth or lipstick on its face or wearing a pin-striped dandy suit and my disbelief is no longer suspended. I wish Wan could just stick to what he’s great at instead of including jump scares for the tweens in the audience. I HATE jump scares!! I’m not scared, I’m just startled, so it doesn’t count!

Grade  B-

Second Review by Brent


I enjoyed the first Conjuring… I thought that it was a great mix of suspense and horror. The story was interesting and it felt like something more than a cheap horror thrill. Unfortunately the sequel doesn’t really hold up as well as the first one. It’s still an entertaining ride, but this time I felt like there were too many over the top visuals that I didn’t find myself as scared. I wanted my imagination to do the work, instead of seeing these “ghosts”. How about let’s just hear things and let the audience feel more terrified of the unknown instead of showing us these ridiculous looking… I don’t even know that I would call them, ghosts? I found myself being taken away from the terror. I went into this feeling a little uneasy having seen the first one, but halfway through the movie I found myself rolling my eyes more than jumping out of my seat. If you’re going to call these movies “true stories” then don’t show absolutely unbelievable looking things. As an audience I don’t believe this as all.

I expected a much better movie, but at the same time I was entertained at times and I do enjoy this series so far. I wish it was better, but even if it’s not perfect they do work, much better than a lot of horrors lately. It’s watchable, but it’s a cheap thrill ride that in the end doesn’t really succeed as much as the first. It’s alright.

Grade  C

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