Starring Lauren Cohan, Rupert Evans, James Russell, Ben Robson
Directed by William Brent Bell
2016 / 97 Minutes / Entertainment One

Alternatively titled “Great, now I have a porcelain doll fetish” (if you can make it to the end of this movie, you’ll know why). An American girl takes a nanny job in England but when she shows up, it turns out she’ll be looking after a doll & not a real boy. But this ain’t your mama’s Pinocchio!

This got really bad reviews but I actually think it’s a pretty decent movie. I’m scared of creepy dolls though so maybe I’m just biased. The screenwriting is above par for movies of this sort and the main character’s actions are actually realistic considering what she goes through. The Boy takes an unexpected turn in the final act that was kind of shocking, considering most movies like this tend to play out in exactly the same way every time.

Grade B-

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