Starring John Goodman, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, John Gallagher Jr.
Directed by Dan Trachtenberg
2016 / 104 Minutes / Paramount Pictures

10 Cloverfield Lane is probably the most suspenseful, entertaining and just downright fun and exciting film I’ve seen this year. I was completely blown away at how fantastic this film is. I was on the edge of my seat from minute one right until the end.

I wasn’t a big fan of Cloverfield when it came out and I rewatched it right before I went to see 10 Cloverfield Lane and I still don’t understand the appeal. The first film is so poorly written and it’s strictly a bad gimmick that is and was just really growing tired. The good news is this one doesn’t follow that over used gimmick at all and bonus points for that. The one thing I will say that I think hurts this movie is that it could have been a stand alone movie that would have been even more mind blowing if it didn’t have Cloverfield in the title. Which apparently, this film wasn’t even written as a sequel, but the big wigs probably didn’t trust that this could stand on its and make money… which they’re probably right it would have been a tough sell. The thing is, if you remove the word Cloverfield from the title and forget that this is in the same universe I think that it would have been even bigger and more amazing. Adding that to the title we kinda know where this is going as much as we want to deny it, we just do. With that said, I still think it’s a terrific film that even though it’s in that universe still had me guessing and still squirming in my seat every second.

The performances are also very strong. John Goodman has never been so terrifying. He’s brilliant as always, but this is definitely a standout performance and a memorable one at that. The rest of the cast is equally great and kudos because they had great material to work with. I loved the story!

10 Cloverfield Lane is one of my favourite films of the year. It’s an absolute surprise and genius piece of work. One of the year’s best films so far and will definitely make my top 10 of 2016!

Grade A

Also I have to say… the trailer for this film is equally amazing. Watch this trailer and watch the movie!

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