Starring Nia Vardalos, John Corbett, Michael Constantine, Lainie Kazan, Andrea Martin, Gia Carides, Joey Fatone, Elena Kampouris, Rita Wilson, John Stamos
Directed by Kirk Jones
2016 / 94 Minutes / Universal Pictures

In 2002 My Big Fat Greek Wedding was a little rom com that took off and became the biggest romantic comedy box office of all time, and one of the most profitable movies ever made. That may sound shocking today as I’m not sure the film holds up well over the years, but it certainly came out at the perfect time in 2002. Now did the world need a sequel to this massive hit? Maybe, but remember there was a very unsuccessful television series (My Big Fat Greek Life) that disappeared after 7 dismal episodes. I think that even though the original was so successful, most of us left satisfied and didn’t really need to revisit Portokalos family.

I think the biggest problem with this second outing is the cliche problems that seem to plague many sequels. Like why did there need to be another wedding? What a wedding only added to keep the title and not confuse moviegoers? The story here isn’t as original or endearing as the first one. Instead we have the same old jokes that are being rehashed. There’s only so many jokes about Windex that people are really going to laugh out loud about.

John Corbett returns also, but feels very wasted and almost becomes a bit of an afterthought this time. I think that the storyline about their daughter was the most strong, but the parents finding out they aren’t actually married and then plan another wedding just left me tired and feeling like I’d rather just watch the original again then sit through this. There are some decent moments and at times it’s nice to see this revived, I just think that a stronger story was needed to really keep us wanting more. I applaud Nia Vardalos for wanting to breathe new life into her successful baby, but this isn’t a film that screamed franchise to me and no one was really asking for this.

Grade  C-

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