Starring Robert De Niro, Anne Hathaway, Rene Russo, Adam DeVine, Anders Holm
Directed by Nancy Meyers
2015 / 121 Minutes / Warner Bros. 

What did I learn from The Intern? Well, that old people are slow and need something to do before they die and young people are quirky, dumb and just can’t handle the pressure. It’s really quite offensive for both. I disliked everyone in this movie… especially the supporting cast! UGH!

This movie has Nancy Meyers written all over it. Some may think that’s a good thing, but myself I’ve never been a fan of her films. Overrated hit films like Somethings Gotta Give, It’s Complicated, What Women Want… they are all the same cookie cutter comedies! They fit into the Meyer’s mold and you can spot her work a mile away.

This time the elderly character is played by Robert DeNiro who looks more bored with the material than this viewer. The go-getter youngin’ is Anne Hathaway who just coasts her way through a mediocre performance. I’ll blame the absurd script for the boring performances and not the usually talent leads. Look at the poster… they don’t even look happy to be in this movie.

Well now, with all the hate I’ve spewed on this movie, I will give it some points. The movie started off so awful, but as it went on it developed some heart and a dash of entertainment. When I put aside all my disdain for Meyer’s writing I started to enjoy some of it, but not enough to recommend this movie to anyone!

I get that there is an audience for these movies and that’s great, but they deserve better than this… we all do. There was an interesting idea here that could have been pushed a bit further. Instead we’re left with a pretty forgettable cliche filled, poorly written… dare I say comedy?

Grade  C-

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