Starring Kermit the Frog, Miss Piggy, Fozzie, Gonzo, Animal, Rizzo, Dave Goelz, Steve Whitmire, Eric Jacobson, David Rudman
2015 / Season One / 21 Minutes (16 Episodes) / ABC Studios

It’s hard for me to give an unbiased review of something involving the Muppets, being such a die hard fan and all. However, I have given my share of bad reviews to them throughout the years, I don’t ever want to think about that Muppet Wizard of Oz movie ever again, or that Lady Gaga TV special they did. Those awful projects are proof that not everything they touch is perfect in my eyes.

Having now seen the first 6 episodes of the new TV show The Muppets, I will be honest and say that I don’t think it’s perfect. I didn’t love the first episode. The pacing felt off, the jokes fell flat and there were way too many uncomfortable moments. I do love the idea of seeing the Muppets living their lives in the everyday world. The problem isn’t so much the idea, but the writing and the rushed pacing of it feels very chaotic to me. They are trying to fit in so many characters into a 21 minute episode that it comes off feeling so rushed. Although, as the show goes on it is getting much better and starting to get on it’s… flippers.

I do think a real fault here has been Fozzie’s storylines taking up so many of the episodes. I love him he’s a great character, but it’s the writing that just isn’t working for it. I don’t know if him dating this woman is working. It feels weird! I thought at first it would be hilarious, but instead I’m a little uncomfortable. Maybe it will fan itself out and be sweet, but right now it’s a little cringe inducing.

With that said there have been some great episodes and some hilarious moments. I do love seeing the Muppets back on TV and getting to see them every week is an absolute treat for me. I have a heavy heart when I watch it because I love these characters so much that when the jokes sometimes fall flat and the stories make me cringe a bit, it’s hard for me to see. I want this show to succeed and I believe over time it will get better. There is something there, there is something to be loved about this show and once it gets it’s footing it will be even better.

My rating is only based on 6 episodes and I’ll update this review once the full season is over. Come on Muppets you got this! Bring that magic back that the fans. Keep believing, keep pretending!

Grade  B-

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