Starring George Clooney, Hugh Laurie, Britt Robertson, Raffey Cassidy, Tim McGraw, Kathryn Hahn, Keegan-Michael Key
2015 / 130 Minutes / Walt Disney Pictures

Let me start by saying I love Brad Bird’s films and everything he touches is usually fun, creative, entertaining, inventive and original. My favourite animated film is The Iron Giant and in my eyes that will forever be his greatest achievement and it will take a lot for any other to come close. Tomorrowland sadly lands no where near that achievement or any of his other previous films and instead is quite disappointing.

The weakest thing that grinds this movie to a halt is the story! What was this? There isn’t a coherent story here, none of the characters are developed enough to care about. We’re never really given a chance to get to know anyone and instead spend the better part of the first 30 minutes wondering what the hell is going on. I wasn’t sure what the point was… but then in the last 15 minutes they drill you with it over and over, I get it now, I get the message! I’m not sure that message works with the rest of the film though, but I get the effort. Also, side note there’s a lot of uncomfortable violent scenes with kids that just felt weird. Some of the situations I thought lent itself more to animation than live action. It maybe wouldn’t feel so weird and uncomfortable if it was animated. Watching a kid smash through the back of a truck window seemed really off and I get that this is a fantasy / adventure movie, but something about this just didn’t work. I found it a confusing mess and had no idea what I was supposed to be feeling watching this except uncomfortable and bored.

I thought visual effect worked well with some impressive moments. They were great and weren’t overbearing like a lot of action adventure movies. They could have really overdone it, but instead it’s a nice balance. I found myself more entertained by the visuals then anything in the story.

I think deep down there is a good movie hiding in there, but something isn’t working here. Even George Clooney feels wasted and bored with the material. There’s nothing here captivating me and the message they are trying to give is so trite I found myself at the end saying “I get it already!”, but in the end I don’t really think I did get it or care. Instead I sat there wondering what the hell I had just watched.

Grade  D+

However, still see the movie because some very talented behind the scenes people I know worked on it 😉

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