Starring Eric Jacobus, Andy Nyman, Ben Maccabee, Stefanie Wood
2014 / 125 Minutes / Magnet Releasing

I love anthologies because you can usually get in and out of a story before it gets boring. What’s great about ABC’s of Death 2, and also the first one, is that they choose 26 directors and give them a letter of the alphabet their cause of death needs to start with.

Some shorts are really creative and some are really stupid and thoughtless. Some are scary, funny, sad, and some are really, really weird. They’ve managed to get some well known filmmakers involved but I think it’s great that there are a lot of unknowns too. It’s like the perfect amount of time to know whether or not you want to check out a director’s other work.

Obviously this is pretty hit or miss just by nature of having so many contributors, but as a concept I love it and hope they make many more. These ones were my favourites:

D is for Deloused
M is for Masticate
O is for Ochlocracy
R is for Roulette
Z is for Zygote

Grade  B+

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