Starring Melanie Papalia, David Schlachtenhaufen, Adam ShapiroAnna Margaret Hollyman
2014 / 81 Minutes / IFC Midnight

There’s nothing more frustrating than a movie with an interesting concept that just ends up pooping its pants before it makes it to the end. The Den has quite a few things going for it that could’ve made for a really scary viewing experience but ultimately I felt kind of ripped off. Actually, I felt like I got M. Night Shyamalan’d.

The main character is studying human behaviour and interaction online through this Chatroulette rip off called The Den, which in itself is an interesting concept. People can say and be whatever they want online and you wouldn’t know the truth. They could be spying on you through your webcam. They could look up your IP address and then find your real address. This kind of stuff could really happen! I would’ve been down if they followed that route and kept the story small but they had to go with like a stoned teenager’s global conspiracy ending.

Having barely any character development didn’t help and neither did having them doing stupid shit people wouldn’t do in real life. Her boyfriend goes missing, his apartment is completely cleaned out and the cops legit don’t think that’s suspicious? Worst. Cops. Ever.

Grade  D+

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