Starring Iris Apfel, Carl Apfel
2015 / 80 Minutes / Magnolia Pictures

Filmmaker Albert Maysles (Grey Gardens) gives us another very interesting unique personality, but this time unfortunately we’re left with a very uninteresting documentary.

Iris is a eccentric icon in the fashion world so I would have expected a lot more. I wanted to hear unique stories and delve more into it. Instead it’s pretty empty and I felt like I was just watching the raw footage. Everything is just a gloss over of this woman’s life. There’s nothing really fascinating here and maybe that’s because I’m not that interested in the fashion world, but I thought that this woman being such a character would have at least made for a funny interesting look at a long life. There are some sweet nice moments sprinkled throughout, but in the end you don’t really get much out of this and I think Iris deserves more, there’s gotta be more to her than what this movie gives us.

An empty shell of a documentary. You’ll get everything you need to know watching the trailer.

Grade  C-

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