Starring Bradley Cooper, Sienna Miller
2014 / 133 Minutes / Warner Bros.

Clint Eastwood has directed some fantastic films over his career… this sadly is not one of them. Every year at least one movie gets nominated for Best Picture that didn’t deserve it at all and this is that one. Obvious for political reasons it got the nod, that’s the only reason this got any celebration. The focus of this film is completely off and spends way too much time targeting only one topic, while spending about 15 minutes out of the entire two and a half hours on the real substance of the movie and why it was even made.
I was more frustrated with it than anything, there were terrific moments (not that baby scene though, I dare you not to laugh during that serious moment). The war scenes were captivating and entertaining, but that’s all this movie was. More time spent on the end and more time on PTSD which is really what this movie comes down to in the end.

Grade  C-

NOTE: Please do not comment with political opinions I don’t care! This review is about a movie and nothing more. Thank you!

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