Starring Seth Rogen, James Franco, Lizzy Caplan, Randall Park, Timothy Simons
2014 / 112 Minutes / Columbia Pictures

Well what can I say about the most controversial movie of the year… other then what a waste of good controversy.

Of all the films that came out in 2014 this is going to be the most talked about piece of garbage? There is nothing here to talk about other then this being one of the worst movies of the year. I don’t think I laughed once… I’m not sure how anyone above the age of 16 would find any of this funny.

I’ve never been a fan of James Franco (except he was brilliant in 127 Hours), but this has got to be one of the worst performances of the year. He’s trying so hard to be funny, but nothing coming out of his mouth is. With that said I don’t blame him as much as the bad writing. This leads me to Seth Rogan who I think has a lot of good movies and can do so much better than this. This Is The End was great! What happened here? It’s just one long dick joke for 112 minutes. A bonus though… I have to say the supporting cast stole the movie, they were the only redeemable ones here.

My theory is Sony knew this movie sucked… so what better way to promote it then start a near war over it. Hands down this movie wins for biggest publicity stunt of all time. But now that we’ve all seen I wonder how it deserve to be talked about at all.

A terrible film! It needs to go away and not be talked about ever again.

Grade  D-

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