Starring Eddie Redmayne, Felicity Jones, David Thewlis, Emily Watson
Directed by James Marsh
2014 / 123 Minutes / Focus Features / E1 Films Canada

Eddie Redmayne is absolutely brilliant in his portrayal of Stephen Hawking and is 100% Oscar bound. I can’t say I knew that much about Hawking’s life so I did find it interesting… what they showed of it.

I enjoyed the movie, however I didn’t feel an emotional impact at all watching it. I felt like areas seemed glossed over and aspects that I thought would have been interesting were left out. Granted you can’t fill a lifetime into 2 hours, but some things I think should and could have been addressed more so than others. 

There were moments I thought were great, but nothing that pushed me towards loving the movie and I can’t honestly say why. I felt the 2 minutes trailer was more emotional than the 2 hour movie. Down the road I don’t think I’ll think about this movie much after seeing it, but I do think the performances were fantastic and the reason I think the movie is worth seeing. Redmayne becomes Hawking and it’s quite incredible to see.

I liked it… but I think it could have been better.

Grade B-

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