Starring Juliette Lewis, Jonny Weston, Josh Hopkins, Cybill Shepherd, Lucy Owen, Margaret Colin
Directed by Jen McGowan
2014 / 111 Minutes / IFC Films

On the recommendation of Entertainment Weekly I watched this movie. It was on their Must List… well this must be good then, right. Clearly I missed something that EW saw (the same thing that made them love The Fault in Our Stars I guess).

This was a decent story that suffered from really bad cliche writing. I really had hopes for this, the trailer looked good, but what the hell this is a mess of a movie. The dialogue is a nightmare and the last 15 minutes are laughable, I didn’t buy this at all. Deep down there is frame of a really good interesting story that is just filled with cheese and stereotypical characters.

I give the movie bonus points for Juliette Lewis, she’s great, but really deserved something better. This is a dud and I’ve completely lost my trust in EW’s recommendations after this and ‘Fault’. Waste of time, don’t bother, this is not a ‘must’ at all!

Grade D+

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